Candi Sukuh di Gunung Lawu ( Candi Sukuh op de berg Lawu ) (1/3)

Candi Sukuh op de berg LawuPainting with the group of monuments located on the third and highest terrace of candi Sukuh.  The pyramid shape of the main temple is striking.Sieburgh contradicts himself and thinks that on the one hand he is dealing with a “sacred forge” dedicated to Ramadi, the god of blacksmiths, and on the other with the “pedestal of a fountain”. The entrance to the monument does not lead in but upwards, to a platform, with a water pipe in the middle. He therefore suspected that the weathering of the building was due to water flowing over it. In the foreground is a sacrificial temple that Sieburgh thought was supposed to represent a melting furnace, but without traces of fire. An enormous linga, depicted by Sieburgh in drawing 37-903-48, has been found here. It is possible that the pyramid itself represents a huge yoni and the lingga was located on top of the monument.

Numbering Sieburgh: 25

Numbering de Bruijn: 24

Signed by H.N.  Sieburgh in 1840



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